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RESEARCH: Data capture is becoming ‘increasingly difficult’ | B2B Marketing

Eighty-four per cent of people think customers are the most important thing for a business to look after, but capturing and caring for customer data is becoming increasingly difficult, according to new 


commissioned by

Experian QAS


The average adult has lived or worked at eight addresses for more than three months have four functioning email addresses and two mobile phones registered to them. As a result it is becoming more difficult to keep data up-to-date.

Meanwhile,  73 per cent of people recall errors in communications from organisations in the past 12 months – 36 per cent of these have received duplicate communications.

Plus, 47 per cent of customers get annoyed by inaccurate data and 37 per cent worry what else may have been recorded incorrectly.

Joel Curry

, MD of

Experian QAS,

said: “The findings show that consumers are willing to share their data with organisations if they see a benefit in doing so. Consequently organisations that secure consumers’ trust by showing that they care about their customers’ data are best placed to secure up-to-date details in the first place.” 


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