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Salesforce, Radian6 and the future of social media | B2B Marketing

Salesforce’s recent acquisition of Radian6 is significant and raises questions about the future of how we will all interact with social media…

You’ll hear few people saying how great it is that they have five or so different websites they must visit in order to manage their social media presence.

That’s why cross-platform social media monitoring and communication platforms have become increasingly popular of late. And

Salesforce’s acquisition of Radian6

is clearly going to offer some time saving benefits.

It’s also another step towards the social CRM concept some providers have been eager to see take off.

But the question remains: who benefits most? 

Is the Salesforce/Radian6 link-up going to make your life much easier and send your social media ROI skywards?
Or is it not, in fact, as beneficial as it may sound? 

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