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SEARCH NEWS: Google launches Google Maps Engine Pro | B2B Marketing


has announced a new professional mapping tool, Google Maps Engine Pro, which will allow businesses to visualise their data on a map in order to increase productivity.

The application, which will be built on top of the current Google Maps Engine platform, will allow businesses to import a range of data, including addresses, names, office locations and sales leads from various file formats, such as CSV and spreadsheets. This map can then be shared with colleagues.

The tool will cost $5 per month and allow business to create layers of maps containing different sets of data. The tool will also enable users to customize the appearance of their maps making them easier to understand.

Plus, the search engine has added new features to the Google Maps Engine. These include a new mobile app which will allow users to access their maps created in Google Maps Engine, Maps Engine Pro and Maps Engine Lite. Once a map has been shared, users can access their data on-the-go and from any Android device. Plus, ‘connector tools’ have been introduced to allow businesses to migrate data from legacy systems, such as SAP, into Maps Engine.

Brian McClendon,

VP of engineering at Google, said in a

blog post

: ‘With the ability to collect business information, visualise it on a map and share it across multiple devices, organisations can make better sense of data in relation to real-world surroundings. For example, 

Pure Fix Cycles

, a distributor of custom, fixed gear bikes, uses Maps Engine Pro to identify sales opportunities across target markets, helping to expand their business throughout the US and around the world.’

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