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SEPTEMBER: B2B Marketing’s top five | B2B Marketing


Summer is officially over, it’s time to throw on your winter coat and pack away your summer clothes for next year. And hasn’t September been a busy month in the world of B2B? It has been a difficult task whittling down this list to just five top talking points. But here they are, enjoy:

1. B2B leaders

We have launched a brand new

B2B leaders program


(equipped with new



Twitter feed

). Aimed at top-tier corporate marketers B2B leaders is a new peer-to-peer membership, uniting senior client-side marketers via a programme of face-to-face networking and roundtable events as well as online forums.

As part of the new membership we have published 

The B2B Leaders Report


This research revealed what B2B marketing leaders are struggling with. For example, 

only six per cent of leaders can calculate ROI on all marketing activity

. Gemma Huckle, assistant editor at B2B Marketing, investigated the results in this month’s cover story, explaining

‘it’s still tough at the top’

. As part of the report we also released a swanky


which breaks down the findings down into easily digestible sections.

2. Buyer psychology

What emotional response does you brand’s colours generate? In September’s issue Maxine Marshall, deputy editor at B2B Marketing, revealed

how marketers could be using psychology to influence their prospects

. After all, persuasion is a powerful made all the more powerful if you know the science behind it.

3. How to create a good infographics

September has seen the release of our

Infographics Best Practice Guide

. This guide looks into the origins and definitions of infographics, setting objects and planning, good and bad design, publishing and promotion in addition of measuring ROI.

The guide is accompanied by a

very handy infographic

– yes that’s right an infographic about infographic. After all, everyone loves a good infographic. But with over 36 million available, creating a successful one has become harder than ever. This infographic breaks down the six steps to infographic success – and reveals the human concentration span is now less than a goldfish!


The Buyersphere 2013

The Buyersphere Report

doesn’t tell you what marketers think: it tells you what buyers do. Unique among B2B research studies this report gives a comprehensive view of what buyers actually do during the process and offers a fascinating journey into the minds of the people who hold the budgets. For example, did you know only 29 per cent of buyers consider infographics influential, but only five per cent use Twitter during the buying process? 

5. LinkedIn 227% more effective for lead generation

This month’s number one

news story

 concerns the world’s favourite professional social network. New research has revealed LinkedIn is 227 per cent more effective for lead generation than Twitter and Facebook. However, 60 per cent of marketers find email the most successful tactic for gaining leads. Discover more stats and infographic




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