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Should You Use PPC for B2B Marketing? | B2B Marketing

Businesses that are involved in business to business (B2B) marketing can use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising effectively if they know how to go about it.

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Here are a few reasons why using PPC for B2B marketing is actually a good idea.

1. Control the Search Engine Results Page

Imagine that the searcher looks up a brand or a type of product that will include the company in one of the organic listings. By using a PPC campaign to also appear on the page promoting the company with an advert that will appeal to people searching for these kind of products, the

company stands out more

. By standing out more, they are more likely to generate a click-thru from either the advert or the organic search result to their web site.

2. Add Greater Control of Brand Message

Sometimes a negative event like a product recall or a bad piece of publicity is hurting brand image. It can be useful to run some advertising campaigns to combat negative news articles which will be appearing at the top of the search results due to their relevance. Advertising added on the same day will enable the company and its brand to grab some screen real estate to offer their own version of events or a solution for customers searching for one.

3. Combat Competitors Advertising on Branded Keywords


competitors will try to be tactical

by paying to advertise when potential customers are searching for branded product names or related keywords common to a competitor. By doing so, the bids will be lower and the quality rating will be high. This will in turn push up the cost for competitors to also advertise against your branded keywords.

Google does have protective policies regarding other advertisers using words that are trademarked to prevent certain types of abuse.

4. Maintain Account Quality

Advertising with Google AdWords builds up credibility with the company for its name, products and message. This can be beneficial later when wanting to promote a B2B product or service and not needing to start from scratch with Google.

5. Speed Up Buying Decisions

Often getting new sales is about gaining customer familiarity with the company and its products/services. The more times a potential customer has seen the brand or its products/service, the more comfortable and receptive they become to the message.

This process can start with other forms of promotion like print advertising, direct mail, trade shows. Online advertising can continue this process by taking it online.

6. Increase Knowledge about PPC for B2B Marketing

One of the best ways to gradually learn more about pay-per-click advertising targeted towards other businesses is to read about it. Regularly reading a

blog about pay per click management

can provide valuable insights which can help shape a future ad campaign.

PPC advertising can be incredibly effective for businesses that offer products to other companies rather than direct to consumers. It is quite a bit different than when advertising to consumers and it does take time to learn.

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