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Siniat literally launches latest B2B campaign – into space | B2B Marketing

Building materials supplier Siniat came up with a novel way of proving the durability of its products – by putting them to the “ultimate test” and launching them into space.

Capsules made from the firm’s ‘Weather Defence’ plasterboard were launched into space by weather balloon from Ferrybridge in West Yorkshire. Names of 75 leading architects – the targets of the campaign – were written inside the capsule, and once the capsule returned to Earth (in Norwich) the plasterboard was distributed sent to the prospects alongside a video featuring footage of the mission.

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Bristol-based creative agency Mr B & Friends, which worked with launch specialists Sent into Space on the project, ran a teaser campaign in advance with the message “Keep up”, focusing on Siniat’s technical expertise.

Wendy Baker, commercial marketing executive at Siniat UK, said: “We wanted to prove that our products and our appetite for innovating are one step ahead, and this campaign does exactly that. As well as really showing beyond any doubt that Weather Defence is an incredibly durable product, we have created a campaign that really captures the imagination. We’re looking forward to hearing about the recipient’s reactions.”

Siniat was previously known as Lafarge Plasterboard before the business was acquired by Etex in 2012.

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