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Six tips to engage the c-suite | B2B Marketing

In an external environment, the c-suite probably has their anti-marketing shields up higher than any other in the organisation. Everyone is trying to reach them to influence or sell to them. As a result, people in these roles are getting better at making themselves inaccessible by opting out, tuning out, and screening out. So, what can you do to create a dialogue with the c-suite? Here are six tips from our new Best Practice Guide, 

Engage the c-suite to elevate your brand

1. Become a trusted source of information 

Generic communications from a vendor are no good – especially not to the c-suite. Communication to this group must be relevant, specific, and ideally supported by quantitative, time-based metrics, or it’s simply too easy for them to tune out from the external ‘noise’ you’re sending them.

2. Use educational content to engage 

These individuals are looking for education, innovation and tangible gains, which is why content marketing, supported by relevant data and insight, is so important. Be specific, quantitative, and show time-based results metrics. 

3. Capture their imagination

If communications are not bespoke enough or are too vague in content, CXOs may ignore it completely. B2B marketers should look at their product or service to decide how and if it would capture the CXO’s imagination before deciding how to publicise it. 

4. Talk problems and solutions

Rather than talking about products and services, marketers need to present in terms of problems and solutions. CXOs won’t be instantly engaged if marketers have an amazing product to promote, they just want to know how it fits with their organisation’s issues and how their organisation can derive the most benefit from it in the shortest amount of time.

5. Keep it simple

The essence of pull marketing to CXOs is offering relevant nuggets of information without sounding like a sales pitch. By keeping language plain and free of unnecessary jargon, communications are more likely to be read and remain memorable.

6. Pull them to events 

Securing event attendance, whether virtual or face-to-face, may be difficult with CXOs, as they are always rushing off to another meeting. But if an event fits the bill with their personal interests and boasts an impressive guest list to facilitate peer-to-peer networking, it is still possible to meet and mix with these decision-makers. 

For further details on the above, and for in-depth insight on building meaningful relationships with the c-suite, download our latest

Best Practice Guide

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