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Social media in the age of coronavirus

A lot of assumptions are being made as to how people are engaging with social media now. At Transmission, we partnered with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to uncover what’s really happening.

In a recent


, someone declared that because of COVID-19 “all historical customer data is useless”. That’s an extreme view, but it’s true that we can’t expect normal behaviour in anything-but-normal times.

A new mass of workers is working from home. Perhaps temporarily. Or perhaps this pandemic has changed working patterns forever. Whatever happens, right now, B2B marketers are having to adapt their plans and review their data in this changed landscape.

We can assume people are using social media more, to stay connected. Or less, due to the distractions of home. Or more, because they aren’t having to commute. Or less, because they aren’t having to commute …

At Transmission, we don’t deal in assumptions! So, in order to get a clear picture of the changing consumption of social media during coronavirus, we worked with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to create an in-depth report. Here are some of the highlights…


There has been a huge jump in engagement overall on the platform. Not surprising, as more business has to be conducted in digital spaces. Coronavirus-related content has dominated, pushing things like #innovation and #digitalmarketing off the trending charts.

Our report also outlines how you can find the content or topics most relevant to your audience at this time.


A quarter of Twitter users would be interested in watching industry or professional events on the platform. If LinkedIn is the office, full of corporate chat, perhaps Twitter is the bar where we let our hair down a bit. Hashtags for professional networks to congregate around are still relevant for online events.

The report also shares insights from Twitter on what we’ve missed during lockdown, and platform usage patterns.


In some countries, messaging on Facebook has doubled since the outbreak of coronavirus. As people cannot physically meet, social media plays a role in connecting us. And increased usage has been good news for brand pages: the percentage of fans who have seen Facebook posts on brand pages has increased in each of the last three weeks.

Our experts go on to look at the opportunities for B2B marketers now, and ask some questions that might be worth applying to your own plans.

Check out the new report, Social media in the age of coronavirus: the state of play,


, and if you come up against any challenges you need help with, we’re happy to help.

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