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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Beepl looks to steal Quora crown | B2B Marketing

A new question and answer website has launched today, and is looking to provide a more intuitive solution than that provided by Quora.

‘Expertise platform’


allows users to seek answers from field experts and uses natural language processing and machine learning to ensure the correct experts receive queries, ensuring the most relevant responses are generated.

Beepl users can sign in to the service from one of the leading social media sites, which allows for social graph examination and ensures users are likely to see and answer the questions most relevant to their interests and expertise.

Steve O’Hear

, CEO of Beepl, said, “Feedback from users during our private alpha has been really positive, citing the site’s user experience, real-time feel and semantic technology as strong points, so we’re doubly-excited to open up to the public.

“The team has worked extremely hard to get to this point too although, with a long and winding road map ahead, as you see it today is really just the beginning.”

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