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Stepping up a gear – Audi takes the lead when it comes to customer engagement | B2B Marketing

Audi Sport Communication has a large and dedicated following throughout the globe. It was with these fans in mind that Audi decided to look for a social user engagement platform that allowed them to really understand the fans, boost engagement levels and improve the overall user experience.

Audi AG rolled out social login on the German version of its main site in June 2013;

being the key portal for its fans to gain information and insights into the various motor sport activities that Audi takes part in. Audi fans are the most important people to the brand and at Janrain we think their passion for customer engagement is great. 

Audi knew that they needed to do something to boost fans’ overall engagement and social login and sharing seemed like the perfect option. It is proving such a huge success that they have started rolling the social login and sharing capabilities out throughout all the motor sport sites.

Previously, Audi Sport had a Facebook fan page, through which it was getting basic information from analytics, but little in depth understanding. Through social login Audi is able to gain insight into the identity of each fan and use that information to increase the level of engagement, interaction and overall user experience through the offering of personal and relevant content.

Identity is something that we get really excited about at Janrain and we love it when we see our clients doing the same. We know that identity really is the key to engagement and Audi is hoping to gain enough knowledge of their individual fans through the use of social data to offer them relevant and personalised content – something all brands should be doing.

Audi Sport Communication looks like they are building a great community through the use of social data and we are really looking forward to see how they implement the more advanced personalisation techniques in the future. 

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