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Success of 3D CGI leads to brand overhaul for Elmac | B2B Marketing

Manufacturer of critical safety products Elmac Technologies has refreshed its brand after creating 3D CGI for its product representations.

The 70-year-old company – which designs, manufactures and supplies flame arrestors and low pressure tank protection for multiple chemical and industrial sectors – initially worked with marketing agency Armstrong to create a 3D CGI model of Elmac’s flame arrestors.

This prompted Elmac to refresh its brand with a new company website to fit the new 3D CGI representations. The website incorporates CGI through animations of the products in action with the company’s recommendations on use.

Success of 3D CGI leads to brand overhaul for Elmac

Lew Bingham, MD at Elmac, said: “Our brand needed some freshening up, and we listened to the feedback of our loyal customers for a user friendly, clear website. We expect the new site to become a useful marketing tool, not only promoting our advanced process safety solutions, but also making it easier for our agents and end users to download technical specification sheets, and get in touch with us.”

Elmac will continue work on their brand’s image alongside Armstrong. Daniel Owen, director of the agency, said: “As the relationship has developed, and based on Elmac Technologies being delighted with the work we have done, this has directly led to us now undertaking monthly communications work on their behalf including e-shots and providing exhibition support.”

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