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TECHNOLOGY: Marketing’s new best friend forever | B2B Marketing

Marketers have seen the amount of technology at their disposal increase exponentially.


Maxine-Laurie Marshall


investigates what they need to do to ensure tech remains a friend and not a foe

Marketing has a new best friend, it’s pretty low maintenance on the emotional front, is very observant and good at getting to know you. Its name is technology. Marketers can no longer put off its relevance or hide behind the excuse that it’s too complicated. It can be complicated, but it’s now a necessity.

And you must have felt that shift, with tech companies like Saleforce announcing its first $1 billion quarter and Oracle acquiring Eloqua. There is more technology around and more money being spent on it. After all, Gartner predicted the CMO will be spending more money on technology than the CIO by 2017.

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