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The 12 ridiculous days of a B2B marketing Christmas

Brian Macreadie shares a festive B2B-inspired Christmas carol for marketers to chant this season.

Many among us are celebrating a festive season – ­­­­­­­­perhaps looking forward to some time with loved ones or, maybe, some Amazon deliveries and vaguely tolerable hangovers. Furthermore, as 2020 beckons, it is also a time for many among us to look ahead to fresh, new year opportunities (and, alas, their accompanying stretch targets!). But, before we get there, it’s always worth taking a short moment to reflect on our achievements of the year gone by…

I suspect it’s been another action-packed year for most of us B2B marketers. We’ll have each experienced some stunning successes, no doubt, but also a mountainous array of unwelcome challenges, hard-won lessons and voluminous jobs to be done. Indeed, such is the dizzying array of skills and activities that we each have to master on a weekly basis, I don’t think it’s entirely unreasonable to suggest that the two Bs in ‘B2B’ actually stand for Bonkers and Busy. (Bonkers Too-Busy, even?).

With that in mind, and to celebrate both the festive season and the hard work that every single B2B marketer I know has put in this year, I wanted to offer season’s greetings to all of you, my fellow marketers. Yes, even you, my pesky, unforgiving competitors 😉

Paying tribute to all the myriad things we need to cope with each year, and taking liberties with the classic carol, here is my tenuous, B2B take on the 12 Days of Christmas. It probably only makes sense if your whole team sings it out aloud in the middle of your office. Take it away, B2B maestros…

On the 12th day of Christmas, my B2B boss sent to me:


campaigns coming


blogs for posting


rivals launching


influencers prancing


click-thru’s stinking


salesmen stinging


direct mailings


broken links 


stalling keywords


fresh trends


ideas she loves, and


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