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The 8 best B2B digital marketing campaigns of 2014 | B2B Marketing

We highlight some of the brands that excelled with digital marketing in 2014. Log in for free to find out who made our list

At B2B Marketing HQ we have been searching high and low for B2B brands that have shone on digital this year.

Ensuring your digital marketing stands out is by no means easy. We can all agree we’re now living in a world overflowing with digital content. In January 2015 the average person will be exposed to 15.5 hours (nine DVDs worth) of content every day, according to research from the Institute for Communication Technology Management. The fast-paced nature of digital makes it even harder for companies to stand out on this channel.

So, these digital superstars aren’t just brands that are remembering to be human on social media, or A/B testing their email campaigns or even hosting thought leadership webinars, but businesses that have gone that step further. This page highlights examples of B2B companies who have pushed the boundaries, got creative and ultimately seen great results from their digital campaigns in 2014.

Congratulations to all those that made the list. Hopefully their success will inspire you to up your digital marketing game in 2015.


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