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The ABM glossary for B2B marketers | B2B Marketing

Separate fact from fiction with MRP’s ABM glossary for B2B marketers

The majority of the account based marketing (ABM) buzzwords and hype originated from the early adoption of vendors selling programmatic advertising technology.

However, beneath the thick layer of ever-growing jargon, account based marketing is moving beyond the hype.

The reality is, true ABM can drive amazing results for B2B marketers all along the customer journey, from awareness through retention. Once you manage to get to grips with the lingo of course.

Download this glossary guide to:

  • Take your ABM strategy to the next level
  • Keep up with the latest trends and best practices
  • Know what metrics you should be monitoring
  • Ensure you know which ABM buzzwords are useful and which ones are just hype

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