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The ABM value pyramid: Chart the KPI stepping-stones to ROI

Are you struggling to answer that heart-pounding question of ‘when will I see ROI?’ There is often big pressure on ABM practitioners to deliver strategic ABM with the pace of demand generation. It’s a problem stemming from your stakeholders not fully understanding the longer-term (but higher value) processes behind ABM – and not having the right KPIs to measure your ABM success. Mary-Anne Baldwin shares advice and best practice. 

Conventional KPIs (as used for demand gen) fail to demonstrate the sustainable impact of ABM to your organisation. A new mix of hard and soft KPI’s are critical to chart the added value at each stage. And it’s these we’ll share and discuss in this article.

When will I see ROI?

Firstly, it’s important to say that it’s easy to oversell ABM – and quite tempting to make big promises in order to get the ball rolling. With demand generation, your stakeholders will be used to fast (though maybe not effective) results, and if you’re changing things up they’ll want reassurances it’ll work and to know when. So how can you pitch it right?

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