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The B2B Marketing UK Agencies Benchmarking Report 2019 | B2B Marketing

Who are the UK’s top B2B marketing agencies? Download this free guide to find out

The B2B Marketing Agencies Benchmarking Report is the report B2B marketers turn to when searching for a new marcomms agency, or to understand who the top players in the market are.

This year’s league table features a record-breaking 95 agencies, and is chock-full of analysis, commentary and interview with the agencies themselves and on the state of the market.

This bumper 120-page report features rankings for:

  • The top 95 B2B marcomms agencies

  • The top 20 fastest-growing B2B marcomms agencies

  • The top 10 international B2B marcomms agencies.

B2B Marketing Agencies Benchmarking Report 2019

This year’s report not only features a record-breaking number of agencies, but the league tables are accompanied by in-depth analysis of how the market is evolving, and how the leading agencies are adapting to cope.

Download the guide now to explore:

  • Interviews with leaders from the league table’s top five agencies
  • Detailed analysis of trends affecting the agency marketplace
  • What’s in an agency’s martech stack
  • Where clients think their agency relationships are heading
  • Four predictions for the year ahead
  • How agencies are tackling their number one challenge – recruiting and retaining talent
  • Plus, commentary and profiles from 20 leading agencies, featuring examples of their creative campaigns.

“Whether you’re an agency looking to understand your competition, or a client in need of a new agency partner, this is the guide for you”

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