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The Best Recipes for Christmas Email Marketing | B2B Marketing

Look at the calendar! Christmas is coming! The shopping madness is about to start. It’s high time to spread the cheer, send festive newsletters and recreate the magic of the holiday that we used to feel as kids.

It is an awesome chance to simultaneously greet your clients and inform them about product updates, special offers or social events details.

Plan your strategies carefully and take the full advantage of this time. Make your mailings fun and exciting. Let them stand out from the crowd! Spice them up! If you don’t take this opportunity, your competitors will.

We’ve gathered some tips that will help you choose the best tactics and make Christmas period the most profitable one:

When to start

Start as early as possible. Start right NOW. Avoid the last minute rush to make the most out of this lucrative period of the year.

What to send

Send email campaigns to your customers with gift suggestions or gift cards, sales alerts, discount dates, clearances, time-limited options. Create a seasonal landing page and themed messages to grab your customers’ attention. This will help you increase traffic to your site, whether for shopping or simply browsing.

What is efficient

Limited-time offers are extremely effective. They tend to prompt the person to close the deal and finally buy the product with a discount (last chance for delivery or selling out fast).

Launch your post-Christmas offers, plus launch or pre-market any new 2014 product lines. It would be smart to extend the holiday shopping spree a bit longer!

Make sure the emails are timely and relevant Try to make it as easy as possible for your customer to see where to click through, ensure links are correct and that pricing and messaging is mirrored from email to website. Recipients will respond only to the appropriate content in their Mailboxes.

Who is your target audience

Set up target groups. Who are the people buying Christmas gifts? Are they buying for family, friends, colleagues or themselves? What are their buying history and profile preferences? To make them part with their cash, give them specifically what they want to receive.

What to focus on

Focus more on subject lines than on email design. You can have the best designs in the world, but if your subject line or targeting isn’t hooking users they’ll never get to see it!

All retailers will be rolling out their Christmas campaigns, so you’ll have to keep your letters creative, lighthearted and memorable. Include photos, colorful illustrations. Back away from words. Mention each customer by name, give them a “Christmas bonus” for being such good customers or a “We miss you”.  Make their shopping experience enjoyable and stress-free.

Win customers by offering them “something more” than others. Add consumer recommendations of perfect gifts that they can buy online.

Bring that special something into their celebration by rewarding your customers. Why not to offer users a $15 gift card if they spend $50 online? Offer a good incentive such as free shipping for example. This will make them feel good and encourage them to make a repeat purchase.

Be mobile

Don’t forget about mobile audience. With the huge growth of tablets and smartphones, it’s very important to embrace all communication areas.  People out shopping are likely to have their smartphones with them. It means that emails reach the user wherever they happen to be. Up to 60% of emails are opened on mobile devices. So the content should be seen immediately as an email is opened. So your campaign needs to look great on both big and small screens.

Be social

Give your clients the opportunity to share their experiences on Facebook and reward them with an attractive bonus. This will raise awareness of your promotions and bring more clients.

Work with the season! Ensure you get the best results and make the maximum impact with your Christmas-themed emails!

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Merry Christmas!

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