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The impact of marketing technology | B2B Marketing

BBN explore the impact and benefits of five different technologies that have had and are having, a significant impact on marketing outcomes

Marketing technology (MarTech) is any technology that enables marketers to be more efficient or effective in reaching their audiences. MarTech is mostly used in the sphere of digital marketing, and also for the optimisation of offline marketing channels. MarTech has grown significantly since it was first named as a standalone industry in 2011.

While this definition is broad and seemingly all-encompassing, so is the scope of the Marketing Technology Landscape. Any article written about marketing technology isn’t complete without acknowledgement to Scott Brinker, the leading authority on the subject.

In this e-book we explore:

  • Marketing automation
  • Mobile applications
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AdTech and the rise of Programmatic
  • Marketing Analytics

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