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The journey to data-driven marketing | B2B Marketing

Agility springs from a strong data foundation

Every marketer knows that to deliver personalised, effective marketing that leads to business success needs one thing: good data.

But taking that ocean of data you have at your disposal and turning it into something meaningful and, perhaps just as importantly, understandable, is easier said than done.

With that in mind, this report will help you to learn:

  • What is important for a data management and insights strategy, and why.
  • Why customer data management is now a marketing role and responsibility.
  • How other companies have approached their data strategy, and their lessons learnt.

Competency assessment framework

The report also includes a lite version of our competency assessment framework:

A tool to help you understand where your company is currently on the road to data strategy maturity, and what the next steps should be.

Journey to data driven marketing report

This report is a slimmed down version of the full report, which is available only to Propolis members. The full version also includes:

  • Marketing data expert Tony Lamb outlines the ways that you can group together your buyers to understand exactly what they might be interested in buying from you.
  • The full competency assessment framework: a much more detailed and granular version of the framework included in this report.
  • Checklist: is a customer data platform the solution you need?
  • The hierarchy of data-driven marketing: a pyramid that shows you where to start when it comes to building data-driven marketing, and then where to go next.

If you’d like to learn more about Propolis, and how you and your team can

access the full report, just click here.

With data coming from more channels and formats than ever, there’s probably no shortage of data for marketers to use. But, without the right strategy to handle all of the data coming in from the web, apps, call centres, sales, and so on, it can quickly turn into a cacophony of noise. The challenge is working out how to turn all of the noisy data into a symphony. How to set up a data insights strategy, not just a data strategy.” 

Peter O’Neill, Lead analyst, B2B Marketing

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