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The Leads on Tap Blueprint | B2B Marketing

How to design the ultimate automated lead generation strategy for any B2B business

Discover the secrets to unlimited growth with this essential L.O.T blueprint. The Brains co-founder Larry Kotch reveals his expert formula to lead generation, using a combination of marketing automation, Linkedin advertising and B2B psychology to generate leads like never before.

We all know the key to lead generation in the B2B context comes down to content strategy but how do you stand out from the sea of content? How do you get this content infront of decision makers round the clock and how do you push people down your funnel from lead magnet to inbound inquiry?

The L.OT. blueprint describes the system and tools you can use to achieve this.

What you need to do to create your own Leads on Tap system:

  • Segment your target customers into discrete groups (called Personas)
  • Create content (e.g. ebooks and whitepapers) that will be irresistible to each persona (Using B2B psychology)
  • Integrate your database with marketing automation tools
  • Use the latest advertising channels and ad formats for lead generation

At The Brains, we achieve an average of 5x ROI for our clients when implemented. Here we give you the tools to do it yourself.

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