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The mobile messaging Advent Calendar countdown | B2B Marketing

UK retailers call, the three months of October through to December 25th the “golden quarter”, and the run up to Christmas is clearly the most profitable time of the year for businesses. With opportunities to sell and engage with customers at their maximum, for both the retail and e-tail space it is often the difference between being in the red or black at the end of the calendar year. 

Marketing as much as any other area of businesses will be in the spotlight during this period and to ensure the success of your messaging marketing campaigns, (just one of the key weapons in a marketeers arsenal) we will be providing you with top tips over the next ten weeks as we count down to Christmas.

Think of this as your Christmas advent calendar of mobile messaging – with insight and advice rather than the not so melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, you may be used to!

Behind door number one, the first top tip that we are going to provide you with is:

1: Call to action

Ensure that the reason for a text is made clear. You want the recipient to act on your text, so tell them what they need to do to benefit from the information they have been sent.

The key element to remember is what do you want your recipient to do when they have red your message? Are you driving them to a survey, do you want them to visit your website, or are you asking them to physically show their phone to a member of staff to receive some form of reward.

An effective call to action can also provide you with future marketing opportunities if you are able to capture data from your customers – the insight gathered can then shape your future mobile messaging.

In addition, a message recipient will want to quickly identify what’s in it for them also, so a quick reference to the benefit of the customer acting on the text message will help to increase the likelihood of a response from them. This may be an exclusive offer, or a more favourable method of collecting information than filling a form and posting it, or holding a lengthy telephone conversation.

Join us next week to open the second mobile messaging advent calendar window.


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