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The next step in ecommerce evolution | B2B Marketing

For far too long, organisations have pained over the minutia of web page layout in an attempt to encourage customers to successfully navigate a website through to conversion. Rising “bounce rates” become a headache for online retailers and marketers alike, and a raft of theories have been born out of the attempt to maximise conversion rates through website optimisation.

But these tweaks in colour and layout deliver results in the mere tenths of percentage – surely there must be a way to bring about a drastic improvement, to see significant results?

This begs the question, therefore, what do customers really want from a website?

In a world of instant gratification, expecting fickle customers to spend their valuable time deciphering the ins and out of your product offering, or navigating through your website to the information they need is becoming too much to ask – the fact is that customers simply don’t have the time nor inclination to decipher complex websites or purchase processes.

Businesses are beginning to learn an expensive lesson – neglect your customers at your  peril. Customers no longer discriminate on price alone, online service is proving to be an important deciding factor. The first attempts to improve online customer service have already begun with the introduction of live chat and click-to-call options. These have gone some way to improving customer interaction with an online retailer, however, they still leave a gap. They cannot compare to the convenience and personalised service that comes from a person to person interaction.

In the case of live chat, the often pre-formulated responses do answer questions, though unfortunately not the one you wanted answering! Another bugbear with such experiences is the delay in response, such as being put on hold, which can really turn off a potential customer – what does it say about a company when they cannot deliver on these basics in customer service?

The challenge, therefore, is how to recreate the level of customer service experienced in store and combine it with the convenience of online shopping. The market is crying out for a solution and Whisbi has the answer…

Whisbi was built on a belief that to deliver significant increase in conversion rates and lead management, companies need to do more than simply change a font here and pantone there. Whisbi’s philosophy is both wonderfully simple and revolutionary – to offer web customers an offline experience, online.

Using Whisbi online customers have the luxury of accessing their very own company representative who they can speak to via the most convenient phone line, and who they can see on their computer screen or tablet without the representative being able to see them. Minimal effort is required on the customer’s part – just a name and phone number is all that’s required – and a Video Agent will call back immediately, ensuring that customers are not left on hold.

This personal, on-demand interaction provides consumers with the opportunity to understand the full product offering, pricing plans and commitment requirement before making a purchase. It removes the need for customers to navigate their own way around a site and the risk that they leave a site without having found the information they were searching for. It also facilitates the additional cross selling and up-selling opportunities as the Video Agents are able to explain services and offer a personalised recommendation. Crucially for businesses, it improves e-commerce conversion rates, reduces website abandonment, improves customer satisfaction and drives online sales.

With the UK market on the cusp of a 4G revolution, video communication is only set to increase and companies need to embrace this opportunity with both hands. Our technology capitalises on the potential this offers and is the next step in ecommerce evolution. By combining the convenience of the online shopping experience with the expertise and personal interaction of an in store experience, customers can truly have it all! 

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