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The state of creativity in B2B: How do marketers define and measure creativity, and what role does it play in driving business success? | B2B Marketing

Traditionally, marketing has been seen as the creative hub of B2B organisations. However, is this still the case?

Have martech, marketing automation and analytics all become the main focus areas for marketers, leaving creativity out to dry? In fact, what role does creativity play in driving business success?

In partnership with Torpedo, we surveyed 179 B2B marketers about the state of creativity and interviewed four senior marketers with expert knowledge of creativity in B2B.

Download this report now to learn:

  • Is marketing still, at its heart, a creative profession?
  • Why is creativity so crucial for achieving your marketing goals?
  • How do marketers assess and evaluate creativity?
  • Five top tips for becoming more creative.
  • The biggest barriers to creativity, and how you can overcome them.


“Marketers cannot, and will never be successful in generating business impact without creativity. Marketing is about building engagement with people whose attention we have to compete for […] we need to be interesting enough to draw their attention and make them want to move in our direction. That takes creativity and intelligence, but also deep knowledge about the audiences.”

Malin Liden, head of strategic programs, EMEA field marketing, SAP

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