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The UK’s average email open rate revealed

The average email open rate in the UK is currently 18%, according to research by Campaign Monitor.

The company analysed data from millions of campaigns that had been send out via its platform to collate an email marketing industry benchmark.

The research also found the current average click-through rate was 0.9%, while the average bounce rate was 0.2%.

Some 2.4% of recipients, on average, chose to unsubscribe following an

email marketing campaign


In the report Campaign Monitor said: “These benchmarks are meant to reveal the overall health of your

email marketing

by showing you where your programme stands when compared with your industry averages. However, studying how your metrics have changed since implemented more email marketing best practices will show you how to refine your strategy for greater and greater success.

“Your audience is specific to your niche, your industry, and your branding. By testing your content, offers, design, and strategy, you’ll be able to see what results in the greatest results for your company.

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