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Timbersource launches parkour video campaign starring Ninja Warrior finalist | B2B Marketing

Timber supplier Timbersource has launched a new campaign featuring a high-octane parkour film to showcase its new ‘while you wait’ service.

The video shows parkour athlete – and

Ninja Warrior UK

finalist – Jacob Peregrine-Wheller as a Timbersource employee, traversing one of the company’s warehouses to showcase each stage of the ordering process.

Timber Cut to Size While You Wait – Parkour Video by Timbersource

Produced by digital agency Varn and filmed by Shayne House, Timbersource hopes the video will promote its new service by driving traffic to the company’s homepage, with the film marketed across YouTube, social media and PR campaigns.

Stuart Kemp, MD at Timbersource, commented: “There was plenty of space and many obstacles for the athlete to interact with during the shoot, including a forklift truck, wood piles, trucks and staircases. It was an impressive display of physical skills.

“The finished film gives viewers a thrill, while promoting the timber yard’s new service.”

Tom Vaughton, MD at Varn, said: “This fast-moving promotional film takes the viewer through each stage of an ordering process. It shows the firm is doing something different as their service is more on demand, as opposed to having to wait for days, weeks or months for orders of timber to come through.”

On the other side of the pond, American lumber company 84 Lumber 

made headlines with its politically-motivated ad campaign

 featuring a Mexican mother and daughter attempting to cross a huge wall to enter the USA. The video was rejected by Fox for being too political, but went on to appear on the holy grail of all TV platforms, the Super Bowl half-time adverts.

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