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Tips for managing a marketing business effectively | B2B Marketing

The thought of marketing gives many people headaches. In any business you will always find personnel in the marketing, finance, administration and human resource departments. These are the most important departments for all businesses. You cannot do without any of these teams. Management has its hassles and so does the human resource team. Marketing however, since it deals with people outside the business, tends to be come off as even more difficult to manage. As the marketing operations manager you must be extremely effective.

A few decades ago marketing was something totally different. Businesses were stumbling all over each other and paying huge money to market their products and services on television, radio and newspapers. Billboards were a privilege to many businesses. Posters were for startup business. Currently, the roles of a marketer are significantly different. Online marketing is being given most importance when compared to the likes of TV and newspaper. As a marketing manager you should be ready to carry out complex data analysis and such issues.

Running your business successfully

Running a marketing business should not be as difficult as many people depict it to be. It is a business like any other. The only difference is that you will be doing marketing solely. When you start your business, you should make sure that you have a team of experts to work with. They might not be experts when they are starting out but your employees should demonstrate an interest in learning something new at any given opportunity.

Keeping an eye on marketing professionals is not easy at all. This is especially the case if you have a team of salespersons who are consistently out sorting out client’s marketing needs. However, if you are dealing with online marketing specifically then you should not have a problem keeping track of the time your employees are putting into their work. Gone are the days when employees would spend at least half of their office time on the internet.

There are systems like

which help to keep track of employee uptime. Instead of spending hours of your day adding up worksheets manually, you can focus that energy on finding other clients. Time tracking has always been a major problem for businesses. You want to keep your labor costs at the bare minimum but you are having difficulties keeping track of the time that your employees are putting in. This should not be the case now that there are so many time tracking systems available online.

Effective marketing operations

There are several habits that you should adopt if you hope to become a successful marketing operations manager or generally a manager of a marketing business. These habits are:


Working as a team

You are probably seated there and you are wondering why you are being told something you already know. People know that they are working as a team if they want their department or business to perform at its best. You should always work as a team ensuring that every salesperson and marketer is on the same page. The goals that you have should be the same. It should not be a competition about who sells most but rather focus on ensuring that your clients receive the best service. Set up marketing campaigns that command attention.


Use data to decide

This is something else that you probably know. Data-based decisions are so much better than deciding out of the blue. The perils of making uninformed decisions are just so many. Many businesses have realized this and they are setting up sophisticated data IT systems. The goal is to trap as much data as possible and use it for decision making. Before you make a decision with your team, you should be ready to assess the data available. This is why as aforementioned, one of the key skills of marketers today is sophisticated data analysis.


Be very creative

You have the freedom to be as creative as you possibly could be. Marketing is all about capturing the attention of people and getting them to give you money for your products and services. In today’s world, it seems as if everything has been done. All the methods of capturing attention have been used, right? Wrong- there are so many things that you can do in order to make sure that you get the attention of your prospective clients.


Change the marketing business

One thing that you will have to do for your marketing business is market it as well. How will you market other people’s products and services while you cannot market your own? The world of marketing is a very dynamic one. There are new tools that are being released on what seems to be a daily basis. There are ideas and practices that are coming up every now and then. You can transform the marketing business significantly by being as innovative as possible.


Let performance drive your business

Come up with a strategy, budget and get the resources. Communicate the goals and mission of the business to your employees. All the activities that drive your business’ revenue growth should be aligned. You should focus on revenue, performance and results. There are technologies like the abovementioned time tracker on These will help to improve the performance of your business greatly.


Be innovative

You should be innovative and you should get innovative people to work with you. There is no reason why you should be struggling alone to get your business to grow. The people you are working with should also come up with ideas that will get your business to perform at its best.


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. If you are able to provide marketing services then you should start a business and get a team of innovative marketers on board. Managing a business is so much easier nowadays; this is all thanks to technology for business managers. You can now keep track of your finances with ease. Keeping track of the time your employees are putting in at work is also so effortless today.

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