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Top 10 global digital marketing brands revealed

US brands dominate the inaugural

Global Marketing Engagement Index

, with

Microsoft in top spot

followed by Bank of America and Intel.

Marketing agency Lewis has launched the ranking – a marketing analysis of the

world’s 300 largest public companies

 – after concluding there is a gap in digital engagement. The analysis examines the

companies’ digital marketing performance

; from websites, paid search copy and social media, to personalisation, analytics and security. The index measures the top 300 brands from the Forbes’ list of the world’s largest public companies.

Lewis’s index aims to measure the impact of the whole marketing mix on the world’s largest companies. It follows Gartner’s

CMO Spend Survey

, showing marketing budgets are down 6% since 2016 due to an inability to justify increased marketing spend on businesses.

Chris Lewis, CEO at Lewis, said: “Having a true picture of your marketing mix allows you to benchmark against peers and industry leaders. Customers will not accept a disjointed experience so individual reports on PR, social, email, website, events and demand generation are no longer useful.”

Global Marketing Engagement Index

Top 10

  1. Microsoft
  2. Bank of America
  3. Intel
  4. PNC Financial Services
  5. Allstate
  6. BlackRock
  7. Aetna
  8. Unilever
  9. Danone
  10. Accenture

Financial services brands lead the way

Financial services brands accounted for half of the global top 10, while US brands occupied the top seven spots. The report said financial services firms have invested in digital marketing to rebuild trust among consumers following the 2008 financial crisis.

In the EMEA top 10, Unilever was ranked first, followed by Danone and Accenture. In Asia Pacific, BHP Billiton is number one, and four Japanese companies made it into the top 10.

The report revealed significant marketing inconsistencies across many of these marketing activities that contribute to performance, especially on a regional level. Companies in APAC scored less than Americas and EMEA peers across the marketing mix.

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