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Top 10 technology trends for 2017 revealed

AI, advanced machine learning and intelligent apps will be shaping organisation strategy in 2017, according to Gartner researchers.

A team of analysts explored the

top industry trends

that will shape business strategy over the coming year and presented the findings at the annual Gartner Symposium. 

The list reveals a huge leap toward intelligent technology with AI, advanced machine learning and intelligent apps taking the top slots.

Other emerging trends reflect the industry conversation surrounding the merging of the digital and physical worlds, with immersive technologies VR and AR tipped to experience further adoption.

David Cearley, VP and Gartner fellow, said: “The first three [trends] embrace ‘intelligence everywhere’, how data science technologies and approaches are evolving to include advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

“[…] The next three trends focus on how the physical and digital worlds are becoming more intertwined. The last four trends focus on the mesh of platforms and services needed to deliver the intelligent digital mesh.”

The complete list:

1. AI and advanced machine learning
2. Intelligent apps
3. Intelligent things
4. Virtual and augmented reality
5. Digital twin
6. Blockchain and distributed ledgers
7. Conversational systems
8. Mesh app and service architecture
9. Digital technology platforms
10. Adaptive security architecture

Gartner defines a strategic technology trend as one breaking out of an emerging state with substantial disruptive potential. 

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