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Top 7 B2B inclusion and diversity campaigns and initiatives

With diversity becoming increasingly important, we compiled the top seven inclusion and diversity initiatives in B2B marketing you need to check out now. Kavita Singh reports.

1. Inclusion starts with I, by Accenture

At Ignite USA, Accenture’s Joe Taiano showed an inspiring video campaign called #InclusionStartsWithI, which featured a group of Accenture employees sharing stigmas and stereotypes that they face in the workplace. The video showcases the bias that can appear for all types of people in unexpected ways.

2. #YouBelongHere by TE Connectivity

Another campaign that featured their own employees was TE Connectivity’s #YouBelongHere. The aim was to show TE staff around the world showcasing their authentic selves based on their diverse backgrounds and experiences. TE Connectivity produced long-form videos, launched bespoke hashtags (such as #YouBelongHere and #LifeatTE) and amplified video reach.

Results showed over one million impressions across social platforms and an organic reach of 406,976.

3. Doing it Anyway by Tech Talent Charter

The UK tech sector suffers from significant gender inequality with only 17% of women holding roles in the tech field. The ‘Doing it Anyway’ (featured in above image) campaign shows various women of different backgrounds who have found careers in technology through non-traditional paths. The aim was to encourage young women to consider a career path in technology and combat the bias that exists within the sector.

The outdoor, social and digital adverts, which feature images of the women and their stories regarding their personal journeys into their tech roles, highlight the need for more women in tech. The women included were selected from over 300 candidates nominated by Tech Talent Charter signatories and were invited to an exclusive photoshoot with Tatjana Galic at the Rankin creative agency. Women can check out training and job vacancies at the link below.

4. Reinvent Mindsets by HP

Reinvent Mindsets by HP focuses on the unconscious bias in the hiring environment today to help diversify and cultivate the talent pool. Their message was simple. HP hires based on talent and that is their only criteria.

HP launched four ‘Reinvent Mindsets’ ad spots targeted at African Americans, women, the LGBTQ community and Latinos: ‘Let’s Get In Touch,’ ‘Dads and Daughters,’ ‘Proud Portraits’ and ‘Latino Jobs.’ In addition, the campaign helped to contribute to the increase in hires and promotions at HP among women and people of colour.

5. NoTurningBack2020/ BAME 2020 by f1 recruitment

f1 recruitment are leaders in equality, diversity and inclusion for the marketing, PR and sports marketing sectors. About 28.8% of candidates in the last quarter at f1 recruitment were from minority ethnic backgrounds. NoTurningBack2020 is a long-term programme devoted to sustainable change. Its founders, Amanda Fone and Adrian Walcott have been leading the movement towards action since its launch.

Since launching, NoTurningBack2020 has hosted a number of events, including ‘Let’s be bold about the subject of race’, where black, Asian and other ethnic professionals talked openly about their frustrations and vulnerabilities in the marketing sector.

6. StateTech Magazine (custom published by CDW)

Just from having a look at these various covers of the publication, they tell a story.

Showcasing various covers with mainly people of colour and different ethnicities is extremely powerful.


#IamRemarkable Week 2021, by Google

#IamRemarkable Week 2021is an upcoming experience running from 8 to 15 of September featuring virtual talks, online workshops, and confidence boosting challenges. The event aims to celebrate allyship, inclusion and diversity. To date, #IamRemarkable has reached 230K participants across 150+ countries and 800+ organisations.

At B2B Marketing, we know we’re not perfect, and we need to keep these things in mind as much as anyone else. If you have any ideas for content to keep this discussion at the fore of our industry, please feel free to drop us a line at: 

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