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Top sales intelligence tools in B2B marketing

If your sales team is constantly struggling to turn leads into tangible results, then you might want to consider using a sales intelligence tool, but which one? With tonnes of platforms to choose from, Kavita Singh spoke with Satish Sadasivan, chief mentor and advisor at Evolve BPM, to help single out the top ones.

Satish says: “Sales intelligence must be one of the most researched topics in the new millennium. With the emergence of the new-age ‘connected’ buyer, close to 65% of buying decisions are made even before they contact a vendor/supplier for the required product or service.”

The game-changer for sellers is how to identify a prospect early in their buying cycle and navigate them through the journey, while increasing the chances of selecting your product or service. The era of having calling lists with right party contacts and cold calling them for a possible breakthrough are long gone.”

Satish also offers the top benefits to applying a sales intelligence tool to your business:

  • Find the right contacts more quickly.
  • Gain insights on your competitors, the buying habits of prospective clients, and their position in the marketplace.
  • Automate and centralise data on both cold-call and established contacts.
  • Increase general sales volume with increased automation and data accuracy.
  • Improve sales efforts targeted at prospects that are more prepared to buy.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If your sales team is already using LinkedIn to connect with prospects, then LinkedIn Sales Navigator might be the obvious choice to turn to. With the LinkedIn premium version, the all-in-one sales intelligence tool allows you to use its massive network and advanced search features. Sales Navigator also allows extra InMail credits for outreach and even recommends qualified leads for you.


For both affordable and accurate sales and marketing data, Satish mentions Salesintel as an ideal platform to utilise. Salesintel guarantees every direct dial number and email both be tested and re-verified every 90 days. With 95% accuracy and integrated insights, you’ll be able to sort data by tech stack, location, industry, intent and position.

Satish comments: “Salesintel is a provider of B2B databases which is integrated with both Bambora (online payment software) and HG insights (tech intelligence tool). This gives the sales folks the opportunity to identify customers based on firmographics, technographics and intent. So, in lieu of focusing on 1000 potential companies or contacts, they can narrow down to the most relevant 50 buyers using the tools provided.”


Satish continues: “SalesWings is another innovator in this space wherein they help with lead scoring mechanism based on their ability to track a prospects journey and engagement with the customers content on their website.”

By providing actionable profile and intent data around a company’s business leads, the platform enables sales teams to sell and assist marketing to segment leads based on intent. SalesWings can integrate into an existing email marketing platform such as Salesforce or Mailchimp with lead scoring and website tracking. In addition, you’ll be able to integrate Gmail or Outlook so that you can track sales leads when they submit or register to a form.

For further pricing information, you can request for a demo.


For lead generation and prospecting, Datanyze might be the tool for you. It specialises in technographics, so you’ll be able to pinpoint sales opportunities based on the tech or software they’re already using. In addition, you’ll have full access to the company’s web presence, their site visitors, key contacts and additional facts you should know about the company.

Satish says: “Data provided by sales intelligence products can be sourced both externally and internally and can include multiple inputs of data from website traffic, social media, organizational structures, technology usage, and market information. This kind of data capture is integral in making sure the collected prospect information is accurate.”


6sense identifies demand and buying intent signals, which can lead you to the right accounts to nurture.

The tool uses AI to show the entire customer journey across every channel and give sales the okay of when is the right time to reach out. With its capabilities, you’ll be able to look at anonymous buying behaviours, identify and prioritise sales and marketing accounts, and help buying teams with personalised campaigns.

With significant growth, the platform continues to make strides. Just back in 2020, 6Sense had raised $40 million to automate B2B sales processes with AI.


Cyance uses intent signals across thousands of different data sources to unlock this hidden behaviour, allowing you to transform your sales and marketing activity and drive real, measurable growth. Just recently, Cyance had announced a new round of additional funding from investors, including Blackfinch Ventures and Nexus Investments, in the amount of £860,000.

They hope to expand their ABM and demand generation capabilities to aid sales with the best account data. In addition, Cyance tracks buying behaviour to spot upsell opportunities and boosts ROI by activating audiences that show real buyer intent.


In February, Lusha, the data community for B2B salespeople, had raised $40 million in a Series A funding round from PSG, a growth equity firm. Lusha’s cloud-based platform enables sales to share accurate contact and company information with one another with insights on the customers that they’re targeting.

In addition, its capabilities recommend relevant prospects and organisations. Lusha’s community has expanded to over 520,000 sales professionals and 167,000 sales organisations. With this tool, you’ll be able to find contact data on the web, build prospect lists, and enrich your systems with actionable insights and data.

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