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Tottenham Hotspur FC uses VR to bring in a new wave of hospitality

With the opening of its new stadium, Tottenham Hotspur aims to set a new benchmark for premium offerings to attract clients looking to reward and entertain customers and employees. Will this offering be as revolutionary as its grounds undeniably are, or will it be a case of emperor’s new clothes?

Tottenham’s new 

61,000-seat stadium

 is a rare example of a world-class venue remaining true to its roots. Architect, Populous, has devised a top-flight space without sanitising the grit and intensity intrinsic to the game. And once the construction lorries clear off and pneumatic drilling ceases, the positive effects of the regeneration are set to ripple through the local community, with the club supporting 2500 local jobs and injecting a forecasted £293 million into the local economy within a year.

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