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Truant launch ‘You name it, we insure it’ Simply Business campaign

Marketing agency Truant has launched a new campaign for business insurance provider Simply Business, featuring small UK businesses with amusing, memorable names.

The ‘You name it, we insure it’ campaign showcases a diverse range of small businesses and self-employed people who are covered by Simply Business’ insurance products, and whose names often incorporate celebrity puns.

The campaign features vehicle valeting service Spandau Valet, hairdresser Barber Streisand, florists Floral and Hardy, and bathroom tile fitter Bonny Tiler.

Simply Business – You Name It, We Insure It – Campaign 2018

Building on last year’s campaign, ‘You name it, we insure it’ is now focusing more on small businesses, and amplifying them via VOD channels, Instagram stories, Facebook Display, and OOH Transport media.

Mike Garvey, head of brand and communications, Simply Business said: “Our ‘You name it, we insure it’ creative idea chimes perfectly with our proposition and our brand. It’s fun, authentic and celebrates our customers with pride.”

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