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TweetDeck, Twitter and Twittering | B2B Marketing


-arently Twitter have bought TweetDeck for around $40 million…

Now I don’t pretend to know what exactly


really is (I’ve only just got to grips with Twitter itself, to be honest) but from what I understand


will continue to provide the same functionality that has led to it becoming so popular with those that Tweet a lot. So that’s good.

If you ask me, Twitter bought it just so no one else would, or at least that’s what our creative director told me earlier when we started putting together our entry for the social media category in the

B2B Marketing Awards


We’re fully integrated in digital at saylesFource, and we’re keen to show it by scooping the social media category this year. Our submission(s) are going to be in well ahead of the 15 June dealine…

 If you fancy a taste of the kind of social interactions we put out there into the web, to see what you’re up against, why not

enfriend me online on Twitter





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