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Ultra-Modern SEO: All About Long Tail Search Marketing | B2B Marketing

If you are just getting started on your first SEO campaign, the topic of keywords will almost certainly come up early on. Keywords play an essential role in SEO, and they always have done. The most fundamental aim of SEO is to rank highly for keywords related to your business so that your targets can find you at the moment they carry out a search.

But tactics are changing all the time in the world of SEO, and one area where more businesses are choosing to focus more of their efforts is on long tail keywords. So what is long tail search marketing, and why is it proving to be so effective for businesses working on SEO campaigns?

Times Have Changed

When starting out on an


campaign, many people have an old-fashioned view of keywords. Typically they begin by considering the relevance of the keyword, followed by factors including the volume of searches the keyword receives.

This is basic keyword research, but SEO has changed and has become a lot more complex in many ways. Indeed, many businesses now hire professional help in the form of an agency like

Grey Umbrella Marketing

to do the work for them.

But whether you hire a professional or not, one thing that you will want to keep in mind is that more people than ever are using natural language instead of basic keywords in their searches to find the information they want online – and this has an effect on the keywords you may want to focus on.

The Smartphone Effect

People search differently these days, and much of that is due to the growing use of smartphones. With the introduction of Apple’s Siri and Google Now, it is becoming easier to speak to ask your device for information. As a result, people are asking longer questions rather than using a few basic keywords.

For example, someone may ask ‘How much does a plumber in San Francisco charge to fix a shower?’ rather than ‘plumber San Francisco.’ And because more people are asking such questions, this is also rubbing off on how they type their queries into search engines.

This is moving towards a more natural way to find information online, and the trend is only likely to increase.

A short, non-specific keyword may get a lot of searches, but it can also be incredibly difficult to rank for. Also, the people who search for it may be looking for something completely different from the services provided by your website.

These days, a successful strategy is to focus on numerous long tail keyword phrases rather than one or two short keywords. Even if each one only gets a small amount of traffic, it all adds up.

Benefits of Long Tail Search Marketing

So what are the specific benefits of long tail search marketing?

The longer the keywords become, the fewer people will be searching for them. However, when you add up all the long tail keywords, their volume is actually greater than the short tail keywords, and this can add up to more visitors for your site.

In addition, long tail keywords are more likely to convert because they are more specific. Searchers often have a much better idea of what they are looking for when they use longer keyword phrases, and they are more likely to click on your website as a result.

In addition, long tail keywords are cheaper and easier to rank for compared to short and competitive keywords. There is less competition for each keyword, meaning you can often start to rank highly in the search engines in a short space of time without having to build numerous back links to the page.

Research Your Long Tail Keywords

Seeking out the best keywords to focus on is something that a professional SEO agency can help you with. Alternatively, you can use tools like

Google’s Keywords Planner

, which is free, or the popular


keyword research tool. With a bit of experimentation you should be able to come up with a long list in no time, and then you can start targeting them.

You could also do some brainstorming. What kinds of questions will people be asking in order to find your website? What sort of content will they want to find there? You may even want to ask your customers what led them to your website, and use this to improve your content marketing.

Experiment with the Long Tail

The idea of focusing on long tail keywords has been around for a long time, but it is becoming more important than ever with the changes in the way that searches are being carried out.

So start to focus on highly targeted long tail keywords and take advantage of the many benefits they can bring to your SEO, such as an increase in targeted traffic and a boost in conversions.

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