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Unlimited Group reorganises agencies around seven different themes | B2B Marketing

Agency umbrella group Unlimited has reorganised its twenty-seven agencies around seven key disciplines to supply a simpler and fully-integrated service.

The core disciplines include a B2B and technology stream, as well as health, customer engagement, brand, digital transformation, CRM and acquisition, and insight and analytics.

New structure offers more specialised services

The reasoning behind the new structure, which the company have called ‘Experts in the Impact of Art and Science’, is an attempt to better align creative thinking and customer insight, as well as offer a more specialised service – something that has risen in popularity in the past few years.

Tim Bonnet, president of the Unlimited Group, said: “Our new structure will enable us to better stake our claim as experts at the bleeding edge where insight, data, technology and measurement meet creativity and experimentation: the impact point between art and science.”

The structure means clients can buy disciplines, known as pillars, individually or together from a single access point. This has also meant moving the group into one collective space, and scientists and creatives of the agencies will now share the same office in Soho, London.

“Procter & Gamble’s Marc Pritchard has called on agencies to employ fewer account managers and focus on creative output,” Bonnet added. “This is just what our re-structuring – as now communicated through our new branding – is designed to do.”

Rebrand supports new direction of business

The new structure has been supported by a rebrand with each segment of agencies assigned a different colour and a symbol, which is a variation of the U that represents Unlimited. Brands of the group will have new branding that is colour coordinated to their respective disciplines.

Ryan Wain, CMO at Unlimited Group, said: “As the too-big, too-greedy global holding companies slowly self-implode, airing their dirty laundry in public, the Unlimited Group is offering clients a breath of fresh air. We now have a style and structure to match our substance.”

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