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Unsplash launches image-based advertising for brands

Free stock photo service Unsplash has launched image-based advertising for brands, Unsplash for Brands.

Businesses will be able to work with


to publish and link sponsored images to relevant search terms. Images will be spread across the Unsplash website, along with 1500 other platforms such as Google, Harley Davidson, Square, The Honest Company, and Boxed Water.

Unsplash for Brands is still in its early stages, offering

advertising services

on a brand-by-brand basis. The service is currently invite-only; however, businesses can inquire through Unsplash’s website or email:

[email protected]


Unsplash co-founder and CEO Mikael Cho said: “People want to connect with brands in a way that doesn’t feel fake or forced. With Unsplash dominating the visuals being used across the internet, we could offer brands a positive and authentic opportunity to engage with people at scale, in a way that doesn’t feel like any of the traditional ad products.”

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