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Vodafone Business unveils brand refresh | B2B Marketing

Vodafone has revealed a refresh of its enterprise brand Vodafone Business.

The updated brand has been designed to be customer-centric, and accompanies the publication of the organisation’s

2019 Global Trends Report

. The research found 88% of businesses said transforming their customer experience was one of their main objectives for the year ahead.

Iris Meijer, director of marketing at Vodafone Business, said customers were looking for a partner on the digital journey, and the brand had been refreshed to reflect that.

“On starting as CMO at Vodafone Business eight months ago I was struck by the real focus on customers that the team had. True partnership is the best phrase for it, first working together with the customer to solve challenges, then identifying the ideal technology for the job and, finally, deliver the best outcome. But this attitude was not reflected in our brand – something that needed to change,” she told B2B Marketing.

“We wanted our brand to show how we are working together with customers and to make it clear that Vodafone Business is here to act as a partner and guide to organisations of all sizes. We also wanted to move away from focusing on technologies and instead look at the outcomes that we deliver in partnership with customers. Our refreshed brand now shows that our customers are at the heart of everything that we do – and that we are committed to working with them to deliver their business ambition.”

In line with the customer-centric approach, customers are front-and-centre of the creative for the campaign, which highlights the work the brand does with them.

Vodafone has a track record in customer-centricity,

winning the 2018 B2B Marketing Award for Best customer experience initiative in November

for its ‘Taking your shock away with a personal touch’ campaign.

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