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Webinar Programme | B2B Marketing

Webinar Programme


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In-person events are back in full swing, and event organizers are asking themselves “How can we create event experiences audiences will love?” The secret? Use an omnichannel event strategy. The virtual event will take place on 

Date: December 8 2022

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Spot- me Webinar

B2B marketing has radically transformed in a few short years. Just as we’re moving away from a global pandemic, we enter a bear market with a looming recession on the horizon.


Date: Nov 30 2022

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Digital marketing maturity: How to stand out in a sea of online noise

Date: 20/10/22 3pm BST

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Doubling the conversion rate with conversational marketing 

Date: 27/10/22 at 3pm BST

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In this webinar with ON24, we’ll explore how you can use virtual experiences to power your pipeline. 

You’ll learn the steps to creating a stand-out webinar from getting the right people to attend your event, creating an engaging, tailored experience for leads, how to gather in-event insights that go beyond name and email address and what to do with leads once you’ve got them.

Date: 15/9/22

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Unstick the middle of the funnel 

You need to know how to deliver the right content at the right time and in the right channels. In other words, focusing on the middle of the funnel – not the top.

Date: 14/7/22


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Elevating your Events with Powerful Production

Today’s audiences deserve better, it’s not good enough to pretend that there’s not a wealth of more engaging, more relevant, and better produced content out there for them to give their valuable time and attention to.

Date: 23/6/22

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The Neuroscience of Memorable Content

In this session with Dr. Carmen Simon, cognitive neuroscientist and Chief Science Officer at Corporate Visions, you’ll discover several practical, science-backed techniques to transform your content into something worth noticing and remembering.

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Demand Gen is Broken: Fixing the funnel in 2022

Join tech marketing experts as they bust some myths, discuss common challenges, and ignite the ideas that are fundamental to supporting a more effective demand generation strategy in 2022.

Date: 17/03/2022 at 3pm GMT

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Understanding the Modern Event Marketing Mix

Join ON24, B2B Marketing as we share some of our expert insights around how you can shape a modern event marketing mix that will help you to achieve your goals for 2022.

Date: 09/03/2022 10am GMT

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How to create impactful B2B digital experiences to drive growth


In this webinar, Kingpin and Omobono will provide actionable guidance as to how you can embrace data, technology and creativity to deliver a seamless account-based customer experience focused on driving leads, optimising conversions and delivering insight to your account teams.


Date: 15/03/2022 – 4pm GMT

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How do leading brands deliver an agile event strategy?

Creating an agile event strategy isn’t about covid – it’s about customer expectations and how they’ve shifted, forever.

Hear from our panel of experts which include


 Reed Smith’s Chief Marketing Officer and European 


ead at the Legal Marketing Association (LMA)


 Sadie Baron, and learn how to deliver events to generate demand and nurture prospects as part of a wider integrated marketing strategy and sales approach.

Date: 16/3/22 3pm GMT/4pm CET

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Gaining Strategic Advantage Through Content & Guidance

The days of simply packaging features into messaging and content are over. Marketing must now enable all customer-facing teams with the right content at the right time to have effective customer conversations that will drive strategic growth.

Hear Highspot’s Head of Marketing Nikki Dawson talk to Stephanie Liais, Senior Product Marketing Manager at DocuSign, about how they drove closer collaboration between marketing and sales plus strategic advantage through content and guidance at scale.


Feb 24 2022, 3:00pm GMT

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Sales Readiness at Scale: The Key to Unlocking Revenue Growth

The idea that “practice makes perfect” applies to far more than learning a new instrument or language, it is also applicable when discussing the ever-changing B2B sales landscape.

Today’s buyers are more informed and demanding than ever and require that sellers are ready at a moment’s notice with value-added insights. For that reason, sales readiness – a critical component of sales enablement encompassing efficient onboarding, ongoing communication, and effective training & guidance.

Date: 20-01-22

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How to transform your sales & marketing teams into a Modern Selling engine

It’s time for a new take on doing business in a B2B world: Modern Selling. The secret to making it all happen is getting your entire organization, every member of your customer-facing team on the same page.

Data: 15-12-21

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The State of Marketing Maturity

Today, B2B Buyers are not waiting for you to connect with them, they are online doing their own research working out the best path to purchase. With changing buyer demands and disconnected Marketing departments, many marketing leaders are rethinking their strategy from the ground up. Those who do it well can rewrite the rules of engagement. Sign up now for this webinar!

Date: 7/12/2021

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How to Best Navigate Today’s Product Marketing Challenges

If a challenge for you right now is getting better results from your product marketing, then you are not alone.
The question is, what are the most effective product marketers doing differently now? Highspot recently conducted a detailed survey of more than 100 marketers to find answers to that very question.

Date: 2-12-21


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How (and when) to scale your ABM activities

In 2021, ABM is not just mainstream, it’s fast becoming the dominant form of growth marketing for many B2B brands.

And yet many B2B marketers are limiting their use of ABM to the ‘strategic’ or 1-2-1 end of the spectrum – they are shying away from the potential of programmatic.

Date: 27-10-21

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The secrets to webinar promotion

Planning a great webinar is one thing. Getting people to register and attend is quite another.

Join Kate Doyle, Senior Marketing Manager at Adobe, who’ll explain exactly what combination of marketing levers to pull, and at what time, to get the best chance of driving registrations and attendance to your webinar.

Date: 20-10-21

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A blueprint to account-based marketing

Account-based marketing is all about targeted, smart, and efficient revenue growth.
If you need a starting point or inspiration to do even more with your go-to-market strategy, this webinar is for you.

Date: 12-10-21

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Improve Digital Performance and Growth through Buyer Engagement

Your business needs a singular view of your customers. You need to know who is likely to buy, and how to reach them.

Join this webinar to uncover the points in your buyers’ journeys where they’re likely to engage and help your team reach them and get through the door first.

Date: 22-09-21

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Hybrid events: the future of B2B engagement, or a stop-gap to F2F?

Hybrid was touted as the saviour of B2B events in 2020, so where are we now?

Join this webinar to find out the different ways B2B marketers have brought hybrid events into reality, and tips and tricks for making hybrid events a permanent fixture in your marketing toolkit.

Date: 15-09-21

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Our webinars prove an invaluable source of information for marketers and are completely free. Why don’t you reserve a place now on our upcoming dates? If you’ve missed any, you can watch them on-demand right here. Find out what the experts have to say in the ever-changing world of marketing.

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