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Website Design Psychology – Some Factors That Have An Influence On Your Mood | B2B Marketing

Now, when anyone visits your website, they will either have a positive or negative feeling in his/her mind. It depends upon you as to how you will take care of every aspect of your website so that it is appreciated by one and all. The web designers should have sufficient knowledge about creating useful visuals that play a vital role in the psychology of the viewers. One should be able to understand how various Designing elements can affect attitude, mood and experience of the visitor when they are surfing your website.


Good content

– Good content is what you need to make your website accessed by innumerable users. The visitors would like to visit a website where they can get lots of information. With proper designing, they will be able to search for the required information soon.
Your website content should be organized and edited properly so that the visitors can get the information that they are looking for. On the other hand, if the visitors cannot find the appropriate content easily, then they may become irritated at times. This may lead to huge loss in your business.

Adequate space

– A web page should be organized in a way that it may affect how a visitor feels when being there. Your main concern should be to organize the content of your website really well, however this should consider the adequate space it is going to take on your website. If you do not know what white space is, then you need to know that it is a part of the design where you do not need to post any content or visual element. White space has a major role in any designing work, particularly website design.
If an individual visits your website and every part is surrounded by graphics, words, blinking things, etc., then he may not like to go through your site for a long time. Without proper spacing, no one will be able to move eyes and have a break. While editing the entire content, make sure you give enough space and add a feeling of professionalism in the site. Keeping everything simple will inform the visitors you know what is really important and do not want to waste their valuable time.


Appropriate color

– When doing website design, colors are usually chosen by considering the brand of the company. How the colors are used will affect how the visitor might feel when they go through your website. The visual identities have neutral colors which are used with main colors. So, if the main colors of a company are yellow and blue, with neutrals – white and black, they will probably select white background for displaying the content, instead of yellow or blue background.
The colors you use play into website design psychology. Some cool colors like blue, purple, green provide a professional and peaceful feeling. It can be used for unfriendly feeling too. The warm colors like red, yellow, orange are soothing and offer creativity.


– Typography can express feelings of the visitors to your website. Typefaces have been made so that it can be used in specific situations. Serif fonts are associated with seriousness and professionalism while san-serif fonts are more modern as well as informal.
The news website mainly use serif font to convey the feeling of importance, tradition and knowledge. Other factors that should be considered are there should be enough space between the paragraphs, margins between text blocks and font size.

The designer needs to understand the psychology of website designing when creating attractive design. Although these are the main areas of concern for website designing, various psychology designs can be used in different areas like company logo design and print design.

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