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WeTransfer launches campaign encouraging users to step away from their screens

The content sharing platform WeTransfer has launched a campaign telling users to leave the distraction of technology, emphasising its role in ‘facilitating creative flow’.

The campaign’s film is inspired by the findings from its Ideas Report, a global study revealing how and where 10,000 creatives get their best ideas.

WeTransfer says since its inception in 2009 it has envisioned technology as a tool to

help humans and facilitate creativity

. Damian Bradfield, CMO, WeTransfer, said: “People are burnt out. Creative work has suffered. And that has to change.” The campaign is a response to this idea, aiming to highlight and encourage people to use tools to give them more time away from the screen.

A poetic reminder

The poem in the video campaign is read by American writer Roxane Gay, which seeks to embody the

file sharing service’s values

, including ‘keeping you in flow’ and ‘the best ideas happen offline’. WeTransfer will also run some first-of-its-kind elements that are focused on giving people their time back. This includes the first-ever initiative, by WeTransfer, to remove paywall barriers to premium content.

Damian said: “We’re sharing this poem to remind ourselves and others that it’s time for a cultural paradigm shift in our relationship with technology. Go outside. Get coffee with a friend. Put your phone down. Our view was, is, and always will be: people first, creativity second, technology third.”

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