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What’s in the typical martech stack? | B2B Marketing

B2B marketers typically spend in excess of £20,000 a year on their marketing technology yet only 56% are satisfied with it.  These findings, which are part of our 

extensive industry audit

, show the level of discontent brewing in the marketplace. And yet we just keep buying more. 

The martech market is now so vast and complex that executives across the business (not least the CMO) are often immobilised by the possibilities. Which of the many thousands of platforms should they pick? How might those solutions support their future needs? Is there another platform around the corner that would serve them better? 

And once you’ve bought that tech you’ve got to get your head around how to use it, integrate it and report on it, 

all of which is very time consuming


Of course, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities tech, but it will only work for us if our own needs and uses match those possibilities – and if we’re sold the realities of today, not the dreams of tomorrow. 


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