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Why case studies should be central to your B2B video strategy | B2B Marketing

Jon Mowat, MD of Hurricane Video Marketing, discusses how and why B2B companies should leverage video case studies to win custom

Your customers are your best salespeople, and your staff are your best brand advocates. Those are the two conclusions I’ve come to after researching various B2B marketing best practices over recent weeks.

Several outlets agree that case studies are the most effective weapon in the B2B marketer’s armoury, with 

BrightTALK’s B2B Content Marketing Report

 – which surveyed 600 B2B operators – stating that 55% of respondents consider case studies to be the best way to nudge prospects down the sales pipeline.

Additionally, the 

Edelman Trust Barometer 2017

 suggests employees are by far and away the most trusted voices when it comes to a wide range of business topics – from the treatment of staff and customers to business performance and company views on industry issues.

Why case studies should be central to your B2B video strategy

Thus, by producing a range of video case studies that tell the story of how you work alongside your clients and the successes you share – using both the voices of customers and key staff members – you’re almost guaranteed to catch the eye in a compelling way.

There are various reasons as to 

why case studies are so powerful

, especially in a B2B context. Ultimately, they outline how you overcome specific challenges and chart the journey of helping clients achieve their goals, proving that you can deliver the goods and, hopefully, convincing others that you can do the same for them.

With that in mind, here are two examples of how to nail B2B video content:

Telefónica Business Solutions

BlueSmart: a Telefónica case study

This video describes how Bluesmart, the innovative luggage manufacturer, was looking for a telecommunications partner to help bring their technology life, and why they opted to go with Telefónica.

“Frankly, Telefónica came across as the most startup friendly; they understood the dynamics of a startup that’s just beginning in business, they were very supportive with their engineering team, and they were flexible enough to understand our needs.”

This is exactly the type of ringing endorsement that could make tech companies in a similar position sit up and take note. These statements are further qualified by the Telefónica employee, who goes on to inform of his company’s global reach and exactly what they can help ambitious startups achieve.

The opening narrative sets up a business problem, while also demonstrating the benefits of Bluesmart’s solution to lost luggage. The engaging imagery then illustrates how Telefónica play their part in the process, making use of the vast international network to make the product viable, while also offering plenty of encouragement for Bluesmart to succeed.

It’s clear that both partners have a mutual respect for one another, and enjoy their working relationship, and this is exactly what prospective clients will be looking for: evidence that you can take them to the next level, backed up with glowing testimonials.

Power Electrics

Generator Hire – Power Electrics

Removing the corporate mask and unveiling real insights into the way you work invites the viewer in, building a rapport that positions you as a trustworthy and reliable trader. 

Here, Power Electrics provide a genuine flavour of company culture, introducing us to the business development director and transport manager, i.e. two customer-facing staff members, along with three happy customers, showing us the people behind the business and detailing exactly what it’s like to work alongside them.

Listen to their confidence: 

“Having our own transport fleet means we’re in complete control.”

. Take note of their commitment: 

“We have accreditations in health and safety, environmental and quality… It’s a statement to our customers and employees that we aim to achieve very high standards.”. 

Get an insight into the experience of happy customers: 

“I continue to work with them because they’re reliable, reputable and always there when you need them.”


Details like this, delivered by real people instead of actors, can certainly sway decisions, as peer-to-peer influence is a huge factor in B2B marketing. Thus, showcasing stories of success can really help you seal the deal.

Video allows you to hear, see and really get a feel for client relationships in a much more captivating manner than reading about them, which is precisely why video case studies should anchor your online marketing efforts.

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