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Why Do Online B2B Marketing Campaigns Fail? | B2B Marketing

The very first thing that you will learn about online B2B marketing is that this is really difficult. You will be told that the possibility to fail is high. Sometimes you will hear that this is successful only when you invest a large amount of money. Both beliefs are incorrect.

The truth is that most of the online B2B marketing campaigns fail because of them being built in an improper way. There is no focus put on

personal branding

and there is no real direction. The main reasons why B2B marketing campaigns may fail (although this is not always guaranteed) are highlighted below.

Not Understanding the Target Audience

This is the number one error that appears. Just as you have a

target audience

when you want to sell something to a regular client, you have a target audience when you want to sell your services to a business.

Research is highly important in all marketing strategies that you create. That research has to include market research. You basically want to find out what the best potential client is for the service you are promoting. It is really important that you target just those businesses that are going to have a higher chance of buying.

Not Using Social Media Properly

Unfortunately, especially when dealing with B2B services, social media marketing is totally misunderstood. There is this general belief that you just have to pay for ads and clients will come. This is incorrect.

Small business Facebook marketing

is much more complicated than you may believe. You need to offer a really good presence that is seen as being useful by the business owners that may be interested in what you promote. Always establish your company as an authority figure. That will help you much more than you may believe.

Not Appearing Human

This is something that is not really understood by most individuals out there. When you promote with the use of a social network, the human factor is huge. It is not a business that sees what you promote. It is a person that represents a business or that works for that company. With this in mind, when you simply appear too corporate, the appeal will be low.

When using any form of social media marketing, you have to go way beyond finances. You can learn about financing with ease from

blogs like

but it is really hard to learn how to connect with people online. That should be your focus.

In the event that you do not manage to create a human connection, it is a guarantee that you are going to be faced with really huge problems. It is the connection that makes the sale. Too many run online B2B marketing campaigns and focus on the company aspect. When you use social media, you have to focus on the human aspect. Believe it or not, the exact same thing is true for any other type of promotional channel you may use. Remember the fact that it is a person that will make the final decision. 

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