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Widen Connectivity Report 2018 | B2B Marketing

Decoding connectivity for marketing and creative professionals

What is connectivity and why should marketers be focusing on it?

In short, connectivity is the act of being connected. But we’re seeing how prevalent the human touch is to building connected networks, processes, and communications. The personal touch that allows us to connect emotionally and feel engaged is essential in order for people to 



connected. So, how should we incorporate connectivity into our marketing and creative work to achieve business success?

Widen’s brand new Connectivity Report focuses on how connectivity influences marketing operations, strategy and business results.

Read this report now and discover:

  • 6 golden findings about customer experience, AI, personalization, data analytics and more.
  • Examples of top performers who balance technology with a human touch.
  • Action steps to keep you connected to your teams, your work and your customers.

 Watch the 

short video

 to to learn what the Connectivity Report is all about!

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