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‘World’s largest unboxing’ video: Watch Volvo Trucks’ latest marketing campaign | B2B Marketing

Volvo Trucks has set a Guinness World Record with its video marketing campaign and release of an all-new truck series, the Volvo VNL.

The campaign’s video tracks three-year-old truck enthusiast Joel Jovine as he leaves his house and is confronted by an enormous box, which is then revealed to contain Volvo’s new VNL model.

The stunt set a Guinness World Record for the unboxing of the largest object ever, with the truck measuring a colossal 72 feet in length.

The new Volvo VNL – World’s largest unboxing starring 3-year-old Joel

The Volvo Trucks brand is synonymous with high production value, stunt-styled videos that are promoted via social media to garner global attention, including the now infamous

‘Epic Split’ featuring 


 Van Damme

, and more recently a spectacular paragliding video called ‘

The Flying Passenger


Magnus Koeck, VP of marketing and brand management for Volvo Trucks North America, said: “Setting a Guinness World Records title was truly remarkable, but what was most rewarding for me was seeing Joel become so excited seeing the new Volvo VNL 760 revealed when he opened the box. It’s a great feeling to know both young and old have such affinity for Volvo Trucks and our values.”

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