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Your roadmap to deploying technology for account-based marketing

Whether you’re at the beginning of your ABM journey or have integrated it into your daily operations, we bet you’ve been overwhelmed by the wealth of tech solutions available to you. 

ABM is big business for tech providers, who’ve cottoned on to the same thing our recent research has unearthed. We’ve found 63% of B2B marketers already see ABM as vital to their strategy, while 80% are planning to invest more time and energy to it in the near term.

So it’s no surprise there are tools to help with everything from personalisation to predictive analytics. 

Building an ABM tech stack

An effective tech stack

can ease you though the process of identifying, targeting and tracking accounts and prospects, developing content, or updating sales and marketing teams. With all this on offer, the challenge is knowing where to even start.

As you piece together this intricate and expensive jigsaw puzzle, you’ve also got to figure out whether it will function equally well across all teams. Does it meet your overarching strategy? Will it deliver your future marketing needs? These are all big questions we know you’re scratching your heads over.

Our research shows that just 16% of B2B marketers are confident they have a good understanding of the technology currently available for ABM. In fact, confusion about what’s out there and what it can do is the biggest hurdle marketers have to clear.

The top three challenges marketers face in relation to technology and ABM are:

  1. A lack of clarity over what’s available and what it can do
  2. Insufficient resources and internal skills to use it to its full potential
  3. Difficulty justifying the importance of new tech to key stakeholders.

The ABM tech roadmap

Knowing all this, we’ve put together an ABM tech roadmap. It starts by determining the five key stages of ABM adoption. We’ve called this the ABM Maturity Model. Using it, you can locate which of its five landmarks you’re at, and accelerate your progress through the other stages. 

We’ve also directed you to some of the key ABM tech solutions available to you at each stage, so that you can build your stack in an effective and easy manner.

Learn ABM lessons from the technology sector

Of course, technology is just an enabler, not the definitive answer. But as interest in ABM mounts so too will the number of vendors; plotting a clear path through that will be crucial. After all, no matter how much you invest in tech, its value is limited to your adoption of it.

How and when to deploy technology for ABM

Download this free, vendor-neutral guide to learn what technology should be in your ABM stack, easy-to-understand definitions of the key systems and an at-a-glance roadmap highlighting the key vendors.

Find out what tech needs to be in your ABM stack

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