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Adverity & IAS Collaborate to Improve Marketing ROI

Adverity, the data and analytics platform enabling marketing, sales and e-commerce teams today announced the integration of Integral Ad Science’s enhanced Reporting API, Report Builder, that will enable more accurate campaign optimisations and actionable insights.

This collaboration widens access and allows advertisers to integrate IAS media quality measurements into their wider reporting, providing them with the transparency that digital ads are fraud-free, viewable by real people, in safe and suitable environments.

Adverity boasts more than 600 out-of-the-box data connectors – one of the largest libraries on the market – and now its clients will be able to combine IAS data with data streams from Adverity vendors including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Shopify and Sprinklr, and many more.

By amalgamating IAS data with the wider marketing data, marketers are able to drill down and holistically see, for example, whether their campaign metrics have been affected by fraudulent activity. These high-quality reports aid real-time decision making and help businesses better understand the impact of marketing spend on ROI.

Timm Janssen, VP of product at Adverity, said: “There are an overwhelming amount of data channels for marketers to manage, analyse and extract insights from. This integration is the final bridge for many marketers and will allow them to connect previously siloed data. By integrating performance and brand suitability reports alongside broader marketing data, businesses can make their insights more accurate and actionable. Creating access to IAS data will bring peace of mind around where ads are appearing, and allow reporting on campaign performance and value. This will empower marketers to make better decisions around ad effectiveness and ROI.”

Lu Tian, VP, global partner solutions and operations at IAS, commented: “The enhanced integration of IAS’s Reporting API onto Adverity’s platform brings a unified reporting solution for more advertisers seeking to holistically manage their digital ad and marketing campaigns. It is a solution that brings together pieces of a puzzle as one big picture by combining multiple marketing data streams. Marketers will be able to build tailored digital ad campaign reports with extensive new data points, allowing more personalised campaign optimisation and actionable insights, and ultimately better performance outcomes.”

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