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Atos Doubles Down on Digital: What They Learned About Martech


Martechopia is fast approaching and we want to give you a taster of a taster, an amuse bouche of what to expect. Here’s an exclusive snippet from Atos’ global head of marketing Ruth Oakey’s fireside chat on Propolis. Martechopia ticket holders and Propolis members get access to the full content.

The good, the bad and the ugly: What to expect at Ruth’s session

As Ruth outlines, her session is a journey of how ATOS is transforming its martech stack. You’ll hear direct, insider knowledge from the people who are currently on their martech journey: the what (not) to do, what to focus on, why to do it and how long it takes. “Expect a few laughs on the way,” Ruth adds.

One key takeaway? “What I’ve learnt is that it’s more about the people and the process than the tech. It’s the people you don’t think you need on the journey with you that you actually do.”

The benefits of centres of excellence (COE)

From ABM to customer intelligence and client success, ATOS has a number of different COEs that extend outreach to all areas of the organisation. Ruth heads the digital marketing COE which sets up the martech landscape and drives martech adoption to make sure that best practice is being delivered.

“Ultimately we set them up to drive ROI of the martech we bought (…) to drive opportunities and revenue,” Ruth adds. As session moderator and Martechopia speaker Karla Wentworth comments, “talking about revenue or money in that way is something that happens at boardrooms. It doesn’t happen that way in presentations. It’s nice to have that transparency.”

Why technology is so important to ATOS

As Ruth outlines, there’s a distinctive move towards the importance of data which sits at the heart of marketing: “without technology we can’t see who our customers are: what they’re buying, looking at. You need the tech and data to start properly serving their needs.”

It’s all well and good having the data, but you need to bring it into one place. ATOS brought in a CDP through which they directed all their marketing data. In the future, thiswill allow them to start predictive marketing programmes; thus presenting their customers with the right service at the right time, right place and right price. They are similarly looking to get to grips with their content (where it’s stored, how it’s used, what’s useful, what’s not) and feeding this information  into the martech stack to deliver more personalised journeys.

What more could marketers want?

The future of martech

Ruth’s foreboding is clear: “martech is going to get bigger and more complicated.” She envisions a sea of new pieces of technology which will only serve to further muddle the martech stack; “there’s a problem of searching through different providers who do this bit and that bit. You need a mega venn diagram of who does what!”

With this rising tide comes an outpacing of people’s ability to understand the tech; “there’s a race to have individuals with that knowledge in your team,” Ruth adds. “It’s a ticking time bomb in terms of staffing.”

Enter Martechopia. “It’s a bit like a therapy session for me,” Ruth adds. “It’s a meeting of minds where people can come and get advice – a network of people sharing the same issues and problems.” As Ruth reminds us, martech isn’t just the domain of MOPs, but touches everyone within your organisation who can all learn from this one-day “masterclass of content.”

Want to know if operations, technology and marketing should be one team? If marketers are still jack of all trades? Why ATOS democratise the use of their platforms? Book your tickets today to hear more from Ruth and other industry-leading experts at Martechopia and leave with actionable insights that will revitalise your martech the very next day!

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