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B2B Ignite Marketing: Box of Delights |

Ignite London

A poem about Ignite London by Brian Macreadie, Head of Marketing at Addleshaw Goddard LLP

B2B Ignite
marketing box of delights
The room is full
It’s a beautiful sight

It’s live
We’re here
Marketers assembled
please lend us your ears

1000 others
All marketers like you
Each of us seeking
the best tactics to choose

Every one of us grafting
to grow revenue
Each busting a gut
to achieve cut-through

Because it’s serious business
achieving lasting success
Seeking customer preference
amid competitive mess

We’ve sales pipelines to build
Other objectives to kill
But good news, this is a place
to learn all the skills

They’ve got strategy over here
Leadership over there
So many ideas
at this B2B funfair

So many ideas here
to stand out from the crowd
Ideas to drive growth and
make our Head of Sales proud

ABM, tech, brand
They’ve squeezed the lot in
Innovation, data, growth
Question: where should we all begin?

Because here’s the reality…
Winning relies on many things
Which raises the question
How many skills do we bring?
The more skills we bring
The more we each know
The more effective we’ll be
and the further we’ll go

We’re each of more value
if we bring new ideas
And new ideas come
the more inputs we hear

So treat yourself to new inputs
Listen to ideas diverse
Listen to topics where
you’re less versed and rehearsed

Check out all the topics
you normally wouldn’t
Go on, listen to something
you think that you shouldn’t

If you’re data obsessed
or an agility geek
Maybe broaden out to strategy
or hone your creative techniques

For today’s a precious moment
A chance to reflect
A chance to become
your own career architect

There’s myriad topics
for us to select
A day among peers
to pause and reset

But know this, others like you
are all doing the same
All seeking an edge
in this competitive game

So learn well, stay sharp
if we want to progress
Because we’re each paid to win
this game of B2B marketing chess

That big message said, welcome
enjoy great things B2B
And maybe see you all later
for a glass of Chablis

Come connect with your peers
maybe over a wee tipple
But if you’re on spirits
maybe go singles, not triples 😉

OK, that’s it
No more B2B rhyme
Let’s do this
It’s showtime

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